People-Lend, a Peer-to-Peer lending platform, has been established with an aim to bring in an alternative to the long-established forms of dealing in finance. We aspire to introduce all kind of loan products to borrowers and connect these directly with Investments.Peer-to-Peer lending is the latest innovative financial tool which is making waves worldwide.

We believe that both Power & Money lies with people. The key towards more inclusive growth is to unlock this by organizing an environment where people with immediate financial needs and those with dormant cash lying in Bank accounts, can become aware of each other and strike deals that are beneficial to both. The Indian society is inherently democratic by nature and that is where its power lies – in enabling an environment that unlocks the true potential of money lying idle in banks, by investing in retail borrowings. This will not only reduce the overall cost for borrowers, but also earn healthy returns for Investors / Lenders. Any associated risk is measured & contained by People-Lend undertaking a series of customer verification activities using technology & advanced analytics and encouraging Investors to spread their investments across different risk classes to optimize for Returns in accordance with risks undertaken.

People-Lend is a platform for Retail Borrowers to get Loans that best suit their requirements at the lowest possible interest rates –considerably lower than the market rates. This is achieved by getting Retail Lenders too on to this platform. These Lenders are the ones who lend to Borrowers and the entire profit earnings of every Loan is passed on to the Lenders.Borrowers and the entire profit earnings of every Loan is passed on to the Lenders.

We believe that Peer-to-Peer lending can meet the needs of both this generation and future generations of borrowers, investors, employees and business partners.Since this is an online marketplace, this platform is neither very real-estate heavy nor very labor-intensive as a lot of decision-making is automated and driven by application of analytics. All these savings are passed on to the customers – in fact we are able to pass the entire amount charged to the Borrowers, on to the Lenders.

Our Mission

To offer a superior customer experience, create value, and adopt an innovative approach to traditional investment options while contributing to the overall development of the country.

Suvranjan Biswas (Co-founder & CEO )

Suvranjan has 14 years’ experience spanning across Banking, Consulting and Analytics. During this tenure he has developed & deployed solutions to client business problems for some of the largest banks & service providers, in different domains, across the globe. His expertise in solutions development spans across building descriptive, predictive and prescriptive frameworks for Banks, Retailers, Global Distribution Systems for Airlines, Health care service providers & for an Indian e-commerce giant.

After starting his career with one of the largest Banks in India in Business Banking – lending money to SME customers, he moved on to working with various boutique analytics & consulting firms that specialize in different domains spanning across retails banks – for both assets & liability portfolios providing risk & marketing services, to retail & airline industry for marketing & sales and for health care service providers. In his last stint with a leading e-commerce company in India as the head of advanced analytics, he built & implemented a framework that was directly responsible for turning the portfolio around to profitability.

Primary Responsibility: Overall Management & Developing Business, Marketing, Technology and Risk & Analytics.